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Japan is one of the largest importer country to the forest  products. We pay attention to Japanese lumber market closely, and provide precious information everyday.

Since January 1986
22 issues per year, A4 8P.
Annual Subscription, US$600.00


Information on Japan market:
We will report in detail on supply and demand trend and market situation present and in the
future for the imported and domestic species. We will make efforts to trace change of the market such as new products and development of new technology to follow changing market for those species.

Log, lumber, glulam,  plywood and other panels, and processed product items from Canada, the United States, Europe, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomons, New Zealand, Chile, China, and Domestic.

Market outlook:
Price trend of import costs, impoter prices and wholesale prices on the imported species log and lumber as well as prices on domestic species log and lumber. Prices on plywood and other wooden panel items, and so on.

Volume and value of the impoted species log and lumber by species or origins and by items. Statistics on production and inventory, housing starts, Yen rate.

New products, profects and investment in overseas countries.
We, the largest publisher of the daily paper specialized in the forest products, have eight offices all over Japan, and provide vivid, useful information, topices of 
Japan market including market research and forecast for future market trend.

Subscribers from over 20 countries

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